How valuations work

Pretty simply actually- Here at RetroElectro, we are happy to travel a reasonable distance around North Wales and the North West to view and buy your collections, and if you’re too far away or you’d rather not have us over (we won’t take offence!), then you can post your glorious geekery to us instead.

We buy for cash with no hidden fees!

Free valuations

Whether it’s vintage Star Wars, lots of Lego, or the latest Transformers, we will buy them for cash, and that cash will be paid directly to you. No hidden fees, no three week payment holds, no buyers opening claims months down the line – we give you a price, you get the money, we all live happily ever after.

So what are you waiting for?

Clear out your clutter, get in your garages, sort out your shelves, and get some cash in your pockets! Send an email to [email protected] for a fast, friendly response, and we’ll go from there. If possible, we’d appreciate a few clear pictures of your collections, alongside a list of what is missing, broken, or otherwise of note. Certain assumptions are made when we value (see Terms below), so the more we know from the get-go, the sooner you’ll have cash in your hands and the sooner we can try and convince ourselves not to hold on to yet another G1 Optimus Prime to help us in the constant struggle against the Decepticons.
And now we’ve gotten all the welcome waffle done and dusted, please be sure to have a careful read of our terms of sale. We look forward to seeing you and your collections very soon. Jason & The RetroElectro Team
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