Building a better business- brick by brick

We’ve always been huge fans of Lego here at Retroelectro!
From the Classic Space sets of our youth, the amazing Star Wars sets that started coming out in the early 2000s, right up to the new Adult- focused sets such as the Back To The Future Delorean and Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet- Lego has been like a soundtrack to our entire lives.
We spent many a cold, rainy day sorting, building, standing on it- and currently have a whole room dedicated to it in our house.
We understand the value of it, and will ALWAYS do our best to offer you a fair price if you are looking to sell your collection.
Most other online buyers of Lego will only offer you a per/KG price, but we will spend as long as it takes researching your items to give you a decent quote for your Lego, with all the stress and hassle of selling it yourself removed.
You can be sure your Lego will be looked after, cleaned and sorted and made ready to make a whole new generation of kids happy, and you’ll walk away with a nice tidy sum in your back pocket.
So don’t hesitate to get in touch- simply fill in one of our online valuation forms on our website and we’ll get back to you.
Keeping it Retro Forever-
Jay and Jools

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